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This should have been my entry to the 2010 Doritos “King of Ads” competition. Sadly with just an hour and a half to the deadline and just the music track to add my Mac Mini corrupted the iMovie file:O( This was after about 3 weeks of my spare time and the last 12 hours editing. […]

YouTube today sent me another invitation to apply for revenue sharing for one of my videos – Iced Espresso. Interestingly this just passed the 20k views mark compared with my first invitation, which came for a 100k views video. This is not a new video either; it was posted way back in July 2007 (the same […]

I can’t believe it! After over two years since being turned down for the program YouTube emailed me and asked me to apply!… …or so I thought:O( It turns out that I haven’t actually been invited to join the program, rather I’ve been invited to submit one of my videos, namely one that was just […]