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Chris Pederick has created an extremely useful Firefox addon: User Agent Switcher. Switching the user agent of your desktop browser to that of a mobile device encourages the web server to serve you the mobile version of the site (if it exists). Using Firebug, it is then possible to inspect the code of the mobile […]

According to Opera’s January edition of State of the Mobile Web, the Nokia 2330c was the UK’s 4th most popular handset. I got mine at for £24.95 and a £10 top-up. Not bad if you need to test your mobile site on Nokia/Symbian:o)

Love this hub


Just take a look at my Belkin USB hub, isn’t it awesome! It fits perfectly on top of my Mac Mini and even has a little light exactly in line with the Mac. Now I was worried it would be too big and take up too much room. To be fair, it is Big for […]

Before you lovingly craft a new icon for your iPhone, Android, or web app tool bar, take a look at  Joseph Wain has created over a 100 original png icons for you to download. As much as I like to create my own, many of these are far better than I would have come […]

Love this tool! This browser-based drawing application allows you to quickly mock-up applications with a hand-drawn feel. Simply drag the controls from the tool bar and snap them together on screen. It’s brilliant. It’s not just for the iPhone, but the iPhone elements are very nice and fully editable. Try it for free here […]

A very big thank you to Dotan Saguy for creating this extremely useful iPhone/iPod touch template for MS PowerPoint. There are several templates available in Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks etc. but not much for the humble MS PPT user. This is a great addition and comes complete with an extensive User Interface Library packed with […]