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The Final Project as the name suggests is the last component of the MSc. It carries one third of the total marks and is equivalent to three modules. The project itself must be for a real client. The module requirements include an application (40%), a project report (30%), a technical specification document (20%), and a […]

Spring Term — 2008 >> Back to MSc Coursework Index Brief: “Design a streaming media presentation using SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language). The presentation should be between 10 and 15 minutes long. The streaming media must include the following assets: text, audio, video and flash animation. All these media files should be controlled and synchronized well. […]

Spring Term — 2008 >> Back to MSc Coursework Index Brief: “Develop an application to showcase modules that comprise the Internet Applications Development MSc. The application must integrate web services and allow prospective or current students to view information via either an HTTP browser or WAP browser. Create two platforms (Web and WAP) that access […]

Autumn Term — 07/08 >> Back to MSc Coursework Index Home Page — 22 October 2007 Brief: “Design and publish a simple homepage consisting of static HTML pages. The site must include a registration form with JavaScript validation, brief personal history, embedded objects, login page and links to individual pages for the other assignments in this […]

Having recently finished my 5th module out of 6 for my MSc, I thought it was probably time to put all the links to web-based projects in one place. They are listed below in chronological order (oldest first) with a summary of the requirements and a few thoughts/comments of my own. The websites/applications are all […]