“Where am I coming from?” Good question!:o) I LOVE THE INTERNET, ok… I said it, since way back when, mmmm… 1996? Connecting a dial-up modem to my 486 (LOL) that was it, lots of text, slow loading pages, terrible animated graphics, couldn’t get enough (still can’t).

Many years later this hobby reached an impasse when I realized that the Internet was moving way beyond my humble grasp of HTML and if I was going to be a part of it I would need to learn to program for the web. In 2006 I made a deal with myself – if I could learn web programming I would stay in, if not I would get out. Week 6 of a 12 week PHP evening course: “that’s what a variable is?!” I got it:o)

A year later in 2007 I enrolled part-time on the Internet Application Development MSc at LondonMet, now it is finished I can honestly say I have learned a lot, forgotten a Lot, scratched my head A LOT and to be honest am still amazed sometimes that the code I write actually works (I don’t think there was a module on how computers work).

The blog then, is a summary of what I’ve done to date on the MSc and follows my attention as it moved from the big screen desktop, to the small screen handheld.

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