Module: Final Project


The Final Project as the name suggests is the last component of the MSc. It carries one third of the total marks and is equivalent to three modules. The project itself must be for a real client. The module requirements include an application (40%), a project report (30%), a technical specification document (20%), and a final presentation (10%).

The aim of this module is to develop a major piece of work for an actual client and experience the full project life cycle.

This was certainly the most challenging part of the MSc. Not so much in the technical aspects or report writing but simply the amount of work involved. The Project generated a 50 page report with an accompanying 120 page appendix and a 30 page technical specification and of course the application itself (best viewed from your mobile device or Google Chrome).

After something of a shaky start with the initial client a replacement Project Sponsor was found in the form of Comufy – in many ways an ideal client.

Working closely with the team using questionnaires and one-on-one interviews, a project “worth doing” emerged – extending the Comufy marketing suite to the mobile platform. Requirement gathering informed wireframes and mockups, which lead to a proof of concept in the form of a mobile web application, developed using the jQuery Mobile Framework. You can view the application here.

Rather than attempt to summarise the project in a blog post I have included some of the artwork and screen shots that will hopefully give you a flavour:)





Screenshots of application


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