View Mobile Websites in Firefox


Chris Pederick has created an extremely useful Firefox addon: User Agent Switcher.

Switching the user agent of your desktop browser to that of a mobile device encourages the web server to serve you the mobile version of the site (if it exists). Using Firebug, it is then possible to inspect the code of the mobile site, very handy if you’re wondering how it was done.

The User Agent Switcher comes with some user agents already included, but you can easily add your own!

Google for your user agent string like this: “user agent string for HTC Desire” or visit and copy the string.

Go to the User Agent Switcher > Edit User Agents… > New > New User Agent… Add the name of the handset in the Description field, then paste the string into the field below. As far as I can tell, you can leave the other fields empty. “OK” this, then chose your user agent from the drop down list from the tool bar and F5 and then POW!

Here is viewed in Firefox using the HTC Desire user agent string…

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