Module: Mobile & Evolving Services


Spring Term — 2008

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Brief: “Develop an application to showcase modules that comprise the Internet Applications Development MSc. The application must integrate web services and allow prospective or current students to view information via either an HTTP browser or WAP browser. Create two platforms (Web and WAP) that access resources in a shared database via a set of shared web services.”

“Additionally you are required to write a report detailing the development of the application – this report is to be presented as a web page.”

This module challenged me in several areas, particularly the area of web services and to a lesser degree WML.

Although moving data from a database to a web page and back again is familiar territory, doing it via a web service was something of an abstract concept. In addition to this, using PHP and WML in conjunction was also something of a challenge even though I have often used PHP to output HTML.

Success came for me when I realized that in the real world the web services files would be on different servers! In class the files were on the same web-server, even in the same directory, which kept me wondering for a long time what exactly was the point of having one script sending data to another script in the same place.

The value of sending and receiving data across networks independent of platforms and browsers is now very clear. The concept of programming one language to output valid code in another language has also finally landed with me, particularly while creating the WAP application.

Below are screen shots of the applications home page and WAP emulator.

The mobile sites home page…

Mobile and Evolving Services Home Page


The same site viewed in the WAP emulator…

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