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Spring Term — 2008 >> Back to MSc Coursework Index Brief: “Develop an application to showcase modules that comprise the Internet Applications Development MSc. The application must integrate web services and allow prospective or current students to view information via either an HTTP browser or WAP browser. Create two platforms (Web and WAP) that access […]

This should have been my entry to the 2010 Doritos “King of Ads” competition. Sadly with just an hour and a half to the deadline and just the music track to add my Mac Mini corrupted the iMovie file:O( This was after about 3 weeks of my spare time and the last 12 hours editing. […]

YouTube today sent me another invitation to apply for revenue sharing for one of my videos – Iced Espresso. Interestingly this just passed the 20k views mark compared with my first invitation, which came for a 100k views video. This is not a new video either; it was posted way back in July 2007 (the same […]